Upcoming Appearances

Updated weekly

Dr. Tyson's radio show, StarTalk Radio, airs weekly on Sunday.

COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey FOX-TV, airs weekly on FOX Sun 9/8c and National Geographic Mon 10/9c through June 1st-2nd.

Event Date Time Cost

Monroe Community College

Rochester, NY

Apr 30 7:00p ET Sold Out; simulcast $7

Bethel Synagogue

Saint Louis Park, MN

May 8 7:00p CT Sold Out

AT&T Winspear Opera House

Dallas, TX

May 19 8:00p CT $20-$100

StarTalk LIVE

New York, NY

June 5 8:00p ET $35-55

G Summit Conference

San Francisco, CA

June 12 4:30p PT $800 Conference fee

Omaha Coalition of Reason (Apostacon)

Omaha, NE

September 19 7:00p CT $10-$75

* Not announced yet