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Dr. Tyson's radio show, StarTalk Radio, soon to be a TV show on Nat/Geo; stay tuned.

Event Date Time

Ringling College Library Association

Sarasota, FL

Mar 23 2015 10:30a ET

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, GA

Mar 24 2015 7:30p ET

Elon University

Elon, NC

Apr 2 2015 3:30p ET

Humboldt State University

Acarta, CA

Apr 14 2015 8:00p PT

The Nelson Institute

Madison, WI

Apr 20 2015 3:30p CT

Orpheum Theatre

Minneapolis, MN

Apr 21 2015 7:30p CT

StonyBrook University *

Stony Brook, NY

Apr 27 2015 8:00p ET

The Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate (host)

New York, NY

Apr 28 2015 7:30p ET

University of Akron

Akron, OH

May 6 2015 7:30p ET

Benedum Center

Pittsburgh, PA

May 7 2015 7:30p ET

Peabody Opera House

St. Louis, MO

May 13 2015 8:00p CT

Northwestern University

Evanston, IL

May 14 2015 7:30p CT

AT&T Performing Arts Center

Dallas, TX

Jun 15 2015 7:30p CT

Tobin Center

San Antonio, TX

Jun 16 2015 7:30p CT

Jones Hall

Houston, TX

Jun 17 2015 8:00p CT

Long Center *

Austin, TX

Jun 18 2015 8:00p CT

Providence Performing Arts Center

Providence, RI

Sep 24 2015 7:30p ET


Cincinnati, OH

Oct 6 2015 7:30p ET

* Not announced yet