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A Brief Welcome to the Universe

A Pocket-Sized Tour

A Brief Welcome to the Universe book cover, with a black and white illustration of a cartoon starry background with a sign and sweeping object in front of a planet.

A book that literally fits in your jacket pocket, this condensation of the popular, larger volume Welcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour selects the most mind-blowing content of the original, while maintaining the humor and the personality of the original.

All three [authors] write in informal, conversational tones, and the text is sprinkled with genuinely funny non sequiturs, such as a brief rumination on dwarfs versus dwarves and commentary on English-speaking aliens in Star Trek. … What the book does very well is to present not just what we know about the universe but how we know it.


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Publisher details


September 2021

Princeton University Press

248 pages


September 2021

Princeton University Press

5 MB


September 2021

Audible Studios

4h 7m