Space Shuttle

The Takeaway: Reflections on the Space Shuttle Program

The Takeaway

A discussion on the space program and space exploration policy, with reflections on the Space Shuttle era (1981-2011).

A Conversation with Smiley & West

Smiley and West

Reflections on the end of the Space Shuttle era, what’s next in the exploration of our universe, and the cultural impact of the space program.

Motherboard: The Space Shuttle Was Never About Science


Comments on the purpose of the human space exploration and the space shuttle program.

Living On Earth: Hubble Trouble

Living On Earth

Discussion of the delayed Hubble Space Telescope mission to the recent discovery of snow on Mars.

Living On Earth: Shared Space

Living On Earth

In two and a half years the United States will decommission the three remaining shuttles capable of taking astronauts to the International Space Station. The only option after that will be to hitch a ride on a Russian shuttle, a collaboration may be just what we need in the space program.

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