space exploration

Delusions of Space Enthusiasts

Natural History Magazine

Things space zealots want to be true but simply aren’t. And things they wish were not true, but simply are.

Living On Earth: Lunar Love

Living On Earth

It's been 37 years since the last man was on the moon, and now, NASA says, we're going back. The U.S. space agency will send astronauts to the moon as soon as 2019.

Going Ballistic

Natural History Magazine

An exposition of all the ways objects can move under the influence of gravity.

Heading Out

Natural History Magazine

How the frontier of propulsion research can transform the future of space exploration. Part II of “Fueling Up”

Planetary Society Radio: Space Exploration


Interview on The Planetary Society Radio podcast on the Future of Space Exploration.

Commission on Implementation of the United States Space Exploration Policy

Moon to Mars Report

Final report from the Presidential Commission on Implementation of the United States Space Exploration Policy.

Launching the Right Stuff

Natural History Magazine

Reviving the debate about whether it is better to send people, robots, or some combination of both into space.

Reaching for the Stars: America's Choice

Natural History Magazine

A sensitive reflection on the Columbia Shuttle tragedy and its implications for the future of space exploration.

Where Even the Sky is No Limit

Florida Today

A call to action for space innovation and inspiration.

The Five Points of Lagrange

Natural History Magazine

In a system of two objects in mutual orbit, five points in space exist, in orbit with them, where all forces cancel. These spots make great places to erect space colonies and to otherwise collect and assemble space hardware.

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