Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio

A discussion about the importance of science, Republicans, and how science is more spectacular than religion.

An American Atheist


An interview on An American Atheist about relationships with the atheist community, science and education, and future technologies.

God and Science

Univ Buffalo speech

Comments on God, the Bible, and science.

We Are Living in a Time of Scientific Illiteracy

Harlots' Sauce

An interview with Patricia V. Davis on Harlots' Sauce, the first non-partisan magazine on the net. This interview includes discussion on religion, science, and education; global warming, and asteroids.

On Science and Religion

U Texas Maverick Speakers

Excerpt from the Maverick Speaker Series at the University of Texas at Arlington.

L.A. Public Library: Pluto Files

LA Library talk

A discussion between Dr. Laura Danly and Dr. Tyson about Pluto, planethood, black holes, science policy, and intelligent design.

American Freethought

American Freethought

The American Freethought interviews Dr. Tyson and looks at the cosmic dust-up that resulted from the demotion of the planet Pluto to dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union.

Carl Sagan's Search for God


Discussion with Ann Druyen and Steve Soter on Carl Sagan's perspective on science, his spiritual experience, and his search for God.

Bible in the Science Classroom?

Amazing Meeting

Observations on the invasion of religion into science classrooms.

Point of Inquiry: Communicating Science to the Public


Topics include approaches to informal science education, teaching science through pop-culture media outlets, and science and religion.

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