The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy: Death By Black Hole


An interview by two science fiction authors about space travel, the accuracy of science in films and books, and life in the universe.

Living On Earth: Other Planets Like Earth

Living On Earth

Scientists search for an Earthlike planet outside the Solar System, a so-called "Goldilocks" planet that is potentially just right for life.

The Today Show: Goldilocks Zone

Today Show

A discussion about Gliese 581g and the "Goldilocks zone" where scientists look for life in the universe.

Living On Earth: Cosmic Quandaries

Living On Earth

Discussion regarding the nature of dark matter and about a new planet recently discovered outside our solar system that might host life.

Living On Earth: Alien Planets

Living On Earth

Detecting exoplanets by their gravitational effects on their host star, and more recently, by the light of the planet itself.

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