The Future of Space Exploration

Amazing Meeting

An interview about space exploration, Mars, and life on other planets on CBS's Early Show.

Earth in danger!

A commentary on the many dangers facing the inhabitants of Earth.

American Freethought

American Freethought

The American Freethought interviews Dr. Tyson and looks at the cosmic dust-up that resulted from the demotion of the planet Pluto to dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

General comments about hosting NOVA scienceNOW, while reflecting on our collective place in the universe.

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!


Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! plays a game called, "The Album's OK, but $5 Million Will Make It Even Better:" three questions about the long-awaited, and long-delayed Guns and Roses album, Chinese Democracy.

Commonwealth Club: Asteroid Apophis

Commonwealth Club science talk

Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about Apophis, the asteroid that will pass extremely close to Earth on April 13, 2029.

Asteroid Impacts and Extinction

NOVA ScienceNOW's Cosmic Perspective

Find out why we can't live with asteroids and we can't live without 'em.

Living On Earth: Celestial Update

Living On Earth

Scientists are talking about a newly discovered object that’s larger than Pluto, the possibility of an asteroid hitting Earth, and what we can do about it.

An Open Letter to Congress on Near Earth Objects

An open letter to the United States Congress on Near Earth Objects.

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