United Nations Yak

United Nations Yak

A discussion about the cultural role of astrophysics and its contributions to scientific progress and human advancement.

The Colbert Report

Colbert Report

Neil and Stephen discuss the future of space exploration in the United States.

Does Bias Play a Role in Science

Univ Buffalo speech

How bias and personal beliefs are minimized by the scientific method.

God and Science

Univ Buffalo speech

Comments on God, the Bible, and science.

Is Obama a Nerd?

Politico Interview

Comments on President Obama's nerdiness.

Preparing for the Colbert Report

Politico Interview

Advice for members of Congress before they appear on the Colbert Report.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - The Pluto Files

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Jon asks about the discovery of water on the Moon and how to conquer extraterrestrial civilizations.

Stephen Colbert Interview - Montclair Kimberley Academy

Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

A discussion about science, society, and the universe with Stephen Colbert, who is out of character, at the Kimberley Academy in Montclair, New Jersey.

We Are Living in a Time of Scientific Illiteracy

Harlots' Sauce

An interview with Patricia V. Davis on Harlots' Sauce, the first non-partisan magazine on the net. This interview includes discussion on religion, science, and education; global warming, and asteroids.

Will 2012 Be the End?


CNN's Becky Anderson asks Dr. Tyson if the end is near.

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