interview Interview

An interview in about space exploration and policy, as well as science fiction and the upcoming book.

Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio interview on the importance of NASA, science education, and space exploration.

Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio

A discussion about the importance of science, Republicans, and how science is more spectacular than religion.

The Takeaway: Reflections on the Space Shuttle Program

The Takeaway

A discussion on the space program and space exploration policy, with reflections on the Space Shuttle era (1981-2011).

Skepticality Podcast


An interview about Pluto, an appearance on the Big Bang Theory television show, and how to rescue the space exploration program.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - StarTalk Radio

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

A discussion about Manhattanhenge, StarTalk Radio, and the promiscuity of carbon.

A Conversation with Smiley & West

Smiley and West

Reflections on the end of the Space Shuttle era, what’s next in the exploration of our universe, and the cultural impact of the space program.

Motherboard: The Space Shuttle Was Never About Science


Comments on the purpose of the human space exploration and the space shuttle program.

Renewable Energy Magazine

Renewable Energy Magazine

An article about energy use, the role of science, and harnessing new sources energy.

Obviously Oblivious

Obviously Oblivious

A discussion of the art of science communication, planetary formation, and harvesting solar energy.

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