The Tinker's Toolbox - ECN Magazine

Conversation with Alix Paultre of the Tinker's Toolbox about intelligent systems, robots in space, and how private spaceflight may not be the solution it appears to be.

Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) - December 2011


Reddit AMA (ask me anything) from December 2011

(Session generated more than 7,800 comments.)


Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) - November 2011


Reddit AMA (ask me anything) from November 2011

(Session generated more than 10,000 comments.)


The Nerdist Podcast

The Nerdist

Everything from cosmology to quarks with a side of space sex.

The Overgrown Kid - PMc Magazine

PMc Magazine

Interview for PMc Magazine about the life of a scientist, life in the universe, and the upcoming Cosmos series.

The Sound of Young America with John Hodgman

The Sound of Young America

A NASA scientist claims to have found alien microbial life in a meteor that landed on Earth. Scientists are skeptical of these results.

The Pod Delusion

The Pod Delusion

A discussion about the remake of Cosmos, the politics of science in the U.S., and science literacy as it relates to society and innovation.

Radio Freethinker

Radio Freethinker

Interview on Radio Freethinker, a skeptic's podcast, with comments on science communication, Carl Sagan, Pluto, and space exploration.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Twitter Questions

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Answering viewer's Twitter questions backstage on space exploration, Europa, and aliens on Star Trek.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher

A panel discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher with Joan Walsh, Stephen K. Bannon, and Anthony Bourdain.

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