Living On Earth: Cosmic Quandaries

Living On Earth

Discussion regarding the nature of dark matter and about a new planet recently discovered outside our solar system that might host life.

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!


Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! plays a game called, "The Album's OK, but $5 Million Will Make It Even Better:" three questions about the long-awaited, and long-delayed Guns and Roses album, Chinese Democracy.

Living On Earth: Water On Mars?

Living On Earth

Is there water on Mars? And, if so, where is it?

The Brian Lehrer Show


Interview on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show about life, the Universe, and everything.

Living On Earth: Lunar Love

Living On Earth

It's been 37 years since the last man was on the moon, and now, NASA says, we're going back. The U.S. space agency will send astronauts to the moon as soon as 2019.

The Leonard Lopate Show


Reflections on Hosting PBS NOVA scienceNOW on the WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show.

Radio Lab


Discussion on WNYC's Radio Lab about the universe, and the Copernican Principle, which says, if you think it's all about you then you are probably wrong.

Living On Earth: Venus or Bust

Living On Earth

Two NASA satellites and the European Space Agency's Venus Express have set out to find clues that will aid scientists' understanding of climate change on Earth.

Living On Earth: Moons & Money

Living On Earth

Water-spewing geysers may mean there’s life on one of Saturn’s moons, and how proposed budget cuts could affect the search for life and other space science programs.

Living On Earth: Intelligent Design Is Not Science

Living On Earth

Discussion of the history of attributing scientific gaps to a higher being, and the notion of intelligent design as "a philosophy of ignorance" that has no place in science.

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