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Interview for PMc Magazine about the life of a scientist, life in the universe, and the upcoming Cosmos series.

“Scientists are overgrown kids,” Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson tells me—and he’s right, scientists are the children that the rest of us adults may not realize we wish we still were. At a certain age most human beings do what is called “growing up.” What we really mean when we say “growing up” is: “becoming complacent.” As we age, we tend to become stagnant: we accept the way things are, we stop trying to learn and expand our minds, we refrain from asking questions, we cease to be curious, we stand still, we start going to our 9 to 5 jobs and suddenly the big questions no longer loom large to us.

But there are certain occupations that require a person’s inability to “grow up,” their refusal to “become complacent.” Some such professions include . . . continue reading

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