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Musings of a Solo-ist Astrophysicist - The Humanist Read

The Humanist Magazine

Acceptance speech of the American Humanist Association’s Isaac Asimov Science Award on June 5, 2009.

Humanist Network News Listen


Acceptance speech for the Isaac Asimov Award from the American Humanist Association.

Global Ideas from Pluto's Challenger Read

Converge Magazine

Q & A interview on science literacy, science and creativity, and global investment in education.

Astrophysicists Killed the Dinosaurs Read

An article covering Dr. Tyson's speech at the Space Weather Enterprise Forum.

Cosmic Quandaries Watch

Cosmic Quandaries

An hour and a half discussion about the universe, how Hollywood treats science in film, and other cosmic questions.

Evidence for UFOs Watch

Cosmic Quandaries

Ideas about the evidence for aliens and UFOs.

Manhattanhenge on Science Friday Watch

Science Friday on NPR

On location with Manhattanhenge.

Earth in danger! Read

A commentary on the many dangers facing the inhabitants of Earth.

Point of Inquiry: The Pluto Files Listen


In this Point of Inquiry conversation, recent discoveries in astronomy are discussed along with the controversy regarding the status of Pluto and whether teaching the controversy over Pluto's status is helpful in teaching astronomy, and how this compares to the "teaching the controversy" argument regarding evolution versus intelligent design creationism.

Voice of America Listen


Voice of America News profile with Adam Phillips.