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Does Bias Play a Role in Science Watch

Univ Buffalo speech

How bias and personal beliefs are minimized by the scientific method.

God and Science Watch

Univ Buffalo speech

Comments on God, the Bible, and science.

What NASA Means to America's Future Watch

Univ Buffalo speech

A speech on the influence of NASA on young people and the future of the United States.

Is Obama a Nerd? Watch

Politico Interview

Comments on President Obama's nerdiness.

Preparing for the Colbert Report Watch

Politico Interview

Advice for members of Congress before they appear on the Colbert Report.

NOVA's The Pluto Files Watch


Take a cross-country journey to explore the rise and fall of America's favorite planet.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - The Pluto Files Watch

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Jon asks about the discovery of water on the Moon and how to conquer extraterrestrial civilizations.

What About My Solar System Science Project? Watch


Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, and Diane Sawyer wonder what will school science projects look like now that Pluto has been demoted.

What does Pluto's demotion mean to Americans? Watch


What does the demotion of Pluto really mean to Americans? Brian Williams, Stephen Colbert, Diane Sawyer, and Jon Stewart speculate.

If Pluto is Not a Planet Watch


If Pluto is not a planet, what is it? Diane Sawyer, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Brian Williams try to explain.