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The Pod Delusion Listen

The Pod Delusion

A discussion about the remake of Cosmos, the politics of science in the U.S., and science literacy as it relates to society and innovation.

Radio Freethinker Listen

Radio Freethinker

Interview on Radio Freethinker, a skeptic's podcast, with comments on science communication, Carl Sagan, Pluto, and space exploration.

If I Were President... Read

The New York Times

Part of collection of opinions on the topic: If I Were President...

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Twitter Questions Watch

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Answering viewer's Twitter questions backstage on space exploration, Europa, and aliens on Star Trek.

Real Time with Bill Maher Watch

Real Time with Bill Maher

A panel discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher with Joan Walsh, Stephen K. Bannon, and Anthony Bourdain. Interview Read

An interview in about space exploration and policy, as well as science fiction and the upcoming book.

Citizen Radio Listen

Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio interview on the importance of NASA, science education, and space exploration.

Citizen Radio Listen

Citizen Radio

A discussion about the importance of science, Republicans, and how science is more spectacular than religion.

The Takeaway: Reflections on the Space Shuttle Program Listen

The Takeaway

A discussion on the space program and space exploration policy, with reflections on the Space Shuttle era (1981-2011).

Skepticality Podcast Listen


An interview about Pluto, an appearance on the Big Bang Theory television show, and how to rescue the space exploration program.