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The Greatest Story Ever Told Read

Natural History Magazine

The story of the universe.

The Search for Planets Read

Natural History Magazine

The quest to find planets outside our Solar System.

Coming Attractions Read

Natural History Magazine

What's in store for Earth?

Charlie Rose: NASA's Mars Expedition Watch

Charlie Rose

A conversation with Dr. Richard Berendzen of American University and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium about NASA's trip to Mars and the significance of analyzing the planet's rock samples.

An Astrophysicist's Manhattan Look

An Astrophysicist's Manhattan

A cartoon, by Stan Mack, inspired by a tour Dr. Tyson gave Stan Mack showing the astrophysical highlights of Manhattan.

On Being Round Read

Natural History Magazine

Why does nature tend to create round objects?

Reminisces of Carl Sagan Read

Dr. Tyson's eulogy for Carl Sagan, delivered at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City, February 27, 1997

In Defense of the Big Bang Read

Natural History Magazine

Evidence for the Big Bang Theory is outlined.

Outward Bound Read

Natural History Magazine

A description of the Hubble constant and the age of cosmic discovery.

The Search for Life in the Universe Read

Natural History Magazine

A description of the chemical make-up of life on Earth, portrayal of aliens in Hollywood, and the search for evidence of life beyond Earth.