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Dark Matter and Dark Energy

NOVA ScienceNOW's Cosmic Perspective

According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, dark matter and dark energy could just as well be called without a clue A and without a clue B.

The Amazing Meeting 2006 - Brain Droppings of a Skeptic

Amazing Meeting

The full speech from The Amazing Meeting 2006 entitled Brain Droppings of a Skeptic. A smattering of topics every skeptic should be on the lookout for.

George Bush and Star Names

Amazing Meeting

Comments on September 11, 2001 and the political reaction from George W. Bush.

100 Billion Hamburgers

Amazing Meeting

How far will McDonald's 100 billion hamburgers stretch?

Debunking Astrology

Amazing Meeting

Comments on astrology.

UFO Sightings

Amazing Meeting

How to prove you've been abducted by aliens.

Bible in the Science Classroom?

Amazing Meeting

Observations on the invasion of religion into science classrooms.


Amazing Meeting

Remarks on doctors, diagnoses, faith and God.

Fear of Numbers

Amazing Meeting

Comments on American's fear of numbers.

Full Moon Effects

Amazing Meeting

Is human behavior or birth rates related to the full moon?