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Stephen Colbert Interview - Montclair Kimberley Academy

Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

A discussion about science, society, and the universe with Stephen Colbert, who is out of character, at the Kimberley Academy in Montclair, New Jersey.

Will 2012 Be the End?


CNN's Becky Anderson asks Dr. Tyson if the end is near.

Looking Up

NOVA ScienceNOW's Cosmic Perspective

Telescopes show us where we are in the universe, and also reveal our relationship to the cosmos.

The Search For Water

NOVA ScienceNOW's Cosmic Perspective

Water is not just a refreshing beverage, it has other useful applications too.

The Future of Space Exploration

Amazing Meeting

An interview about space exploration, Mars, and life on other planets on CBS's Early Show.

Called by the Universe

The Science Network

Interview with Roger Bingham from the Science Network on Pluto, science literacy, Carl Sagan, and some comments on astrology.

Coming To Our Senses

NOVA ScienceNOW's Cosmic Perspective

Our senses allow us to collect data about the world around us, but they are also limited.

Arizona PBS Horizon Interview

Arizona PBS Horizon

A discussion of Pluto, life int he universe, Carl Sagan, and science literacy.


NOVA ScienceNOW's Cosmic Perspective

The chemistry of carbon and how it contributes to the formation of life.

The Colbert Report

Colbert Report

Neil joins Stephen to discuss science literacy and the upcoming season of NOVA ScienceNOW.