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Coming to Our Senses

Natural History Magazine

A study of how modern understanding of the universe comes to us through methods, tools, and tactics that extend far beyond our native five senses to detect.

The Beginning of Science

Natural History Magazine

A strong rebuttal to the widely cited book "The End of Science" by John Horgan.

Pluto's Not a Planet? Only in New York

The New York Times

The article by Kenneth Chang form the New York Times that first noted that Pluto was missing from the planets hanging in the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Destiny in Space

The New York Times

A comparison of our achievements in space compared to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Universe as a Muse

Natural History Magazine

Exploring the trend of cosmic themes that serve as the artist's muse in much the same way that religious themes served artist's creativity during the Renaissance.

Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive

People Magazine

Voted sexiest astrophysicist alive by People Magazine in the November 13, 2000 issue.

On Earth As in the Heavens

Natural History Magazine

How we came to learn that the laws of nature we measure here on Earth apply through the universe.

Doubling Time

Natural History Magazine

For the past 200 years, the exponential growth of discovery has led every generation to declare they were living in the golden age of science and technology.

An Educator Shines At the Planetarium

The New York Times

A profile of Dr. Tyson published one week before the opening of the Rose Center for Earth and Space and the new Hayden Planetarium.

Putting a Milestone in Cosmic Perspective

The New York Times

A preview of the soon-to-open Rose Center for Earth and Space and the opening New Year's Eve gala.