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The Periodic Table of the Cosmos

Natural History Magazine

From helium, which was discovered on the Sun, to Uranium, which was named after the planet Uranus, the periodic Table of the elements is replete with references to astrophysics.

Hollywood Nights

Natural History Magazine

The embarrassing lack of attention to scientific detail in Hollywood movies makes for some laughable reflections.

On Being Baffled

Natural History Magazine

When scientists are confused or uncertain, contrary to what the media would have you believe, this is a normal, natural state of mind for the researcher

The Five Points of Lagrange

Natural History Magazine

In a system of two objects in mutual orbit, five points in space exist, in orbit with them, where all forces cancel. These spots make great places to erect space colonies and to otherwise collect and assemble space hardware.

Colors of the Cosmos

Natural History Magazine

The universe comes in many colors. Not all of them visible to the human eye.

The Worst of Times, The Best of Times

Follow-up correspondence to family and friends giving an update on the family's psychological state and the living conditions in Lower Manhattan.

Fear of Numbers

Natural History Magazine

A review of all the ways society exhibits its fear of number, including the absence of a 13th floor in many office buildings.

The Horror, The Horror

First-hand account of the WTC attacks and subsequent evacuation from Lower Manhattan residence. A heavily forwarded e-mail that became the subject of an article in the Wall Street Journal a week later on the widespread use of the web to communicate the tragic news of the day.

Over the Rainbow

Natural History Magazine

The study of spectra is the most important means by which we decode the nature of the universe.

By Any Other Name

Natural History Magazine

A rant about jargon, with persistent comparisons between the transparent, polysyllabic words of astronomy "Red Giant", "Big bang" and the intractable words of nearly every other scientific discipline, including medicine.