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If I Were President...

The New York Times

Part of collection of opinions on the topic: If I Were President... Interview

An interview in about space exploration and policy, as well as science fiction and the upcoming book.

Renewable Energy Magazine

Renewable Energy Magazine

An article about energy use, the role of science, and harnessing new sources energy.

Advice on the Strategic use of Twitter

Center for the Future of Museums

A short interview on the value of social media in museums and experiences and goals with Twitter.

Remembering Holbrooke

The New York Times

Memories of Richard Holbrooke, an American diplomat who died in 2010..

No Apocalypse in 2012

The New York Times

Thoughts on the upcoming solar maximum and the 2012 doomsday myth.

The Humanist Interview

The Humanist

A conversation with The Humanist's Jennifer Bardi about spirituality, science education and literacy, and pop culture.

Called by the Universe

The Science Network

Interview with Roger Bingham from the Science Network on Pluto, science literacy, Carl Sagan, and some comments on astrology.

New York Magazine Interview

New York Magazine

New York Magazine interviews Dr. Tyson on his life in New York.

Musings of a Solo-ist Astrophysicist - The Humanist

The Humanist Magazine

Acceptance speech of the American Humanist Association’s Isaac Asimov Science Award on June 5, 2009.